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Case Study - Aaron Management

Published on: Tuesday 9th May 2023
“We are very pleased with the goods lift that was installed in our warehouse. It has increased the rental value of our property and improved the efficiency of our operations. The installation process was quick and smooth, and the product is of first-class quality. We are happy with the design and the fit of the lift in the existing shaft. The goods lift has been a great investment for our business and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution”

Gary Nagioff, Managing Director, Aaron Management Services Ltd

The project

Aaron Management Services, a leading property firm, transformed a warehouse in Surrey into a more attractive and functional rental space. The goal was to enhance the storage and movement of goods within the warehouse. The warehouse had no storage capacity on the first floor before the makeover, so by adding a goods lift with a shaft, Aaron Management Services doubled the storage space available to their rental client – boosting the rental income and profits. The goods were previously transported between floors with forklift trucks, which was effective, but not optimal. The company decided to use custom-made mezzanine goods lifts that could lift pallets weighing up to 1500kg to the upper level within a lift shaft. This would create a more efficient system for moving goods. The project was completed in just 6 months, from design to installation.

Goods Lift Gates Aaron Services

The results

Scissor Tables UK delivered a tailor-made lifting platform that enabled goods to be moved up to the first floor within a lift shaft, offering a convenient and comfortable solution for warehouse staff. The goods lifts were easy to use with a single touch control, saving time and energy.

The mezzanine goods lift connected both lower and upper levels as a way of transferring pallets of goods between floors. The lifts were fitted within a pit, optimising floor space as no loading ramp was required on this occasion.

Gary continued: “The goods lift installed by Scissor Tables UK has been a great addition to our warehouse. It has improved the functionality and efficiency of our storage and movement of goods, and increased the rental value of our property. We are very satisfied with the quality and service of Scissor Tables UK and we plan to install more goods lifts on our future projects.”

The client

Aaron Management Services are a leading property holding company that rent warehouses to well-known businesses such as Howdens and Screwfix. The new warehouse has been designed to increase the rental value and functionality with the addition of a two-floor storage facility that allows convenient movement of pallets within the goods lift. This feature enhances the efficiency and productivity of the warehouse operations. The company also met the objective that was identified in the initial consultation, which was to reduce the use of the forklift within the warehouse. This has improved the safety for employees and optimised the use of the mezzanine floor space.


  • Mezzanine floor goods only lift with operator access for loading and unloading.
  • Located indoors in an area with no public access and to be used by trained operators only. 4204mm travel to FFL.
  • Closed height – special dogleg design to accommodate pit. 1500kg capacity
  • 1410mm wide x 1280mm deep useable platform to suit existing pit.
  • Twin outward opening interlocked gate 1100mm (h) on Handrails 1100mm (h), knee rail and toe plates to remaining 3 sides
  • Fitted within an existing shaft – no enclosure or doors.
  • Mast braced from wall and supported from ground floor.
  • Price includes bridging plates at both levels
  • Shootbolts (due to capacity) to lock the platform in position at the upper level.
  • Latching controls to raise and lower the lift.
  • 415V, 3 phase supply.
  • Lift speed (generally approximately 100mm/s)
  • Duty cycle up to 10 cycles per hour on a single shift basis

Goods Lift Shaft Aaron Services Goods Lift Platform Aaron Services

Aaron Services

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