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Electric Hydraulic Lifter 1000kg

Electric Hydraulic Lifter 1000kg

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Our electric hydraulic lifter is an effective, low cost solution to raising loads up to 1000mm. Ideally suited for lifting goods to a comfortable working height – perfect for loading pallets or as a multi-height working platform to position loads conveniently.


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  • High quality and easy to operate hydraulic lift table
  • Heavy duty 1000kg load capacity
  • Lifts to a height of 1000mm
  • Compact design and manufactured in Europe
  • Electric lift table can be installed within a pit
  • Choice of optional extras available
  • Conforms to EN1570 with 3 year warranty
  • Issued with operating instructions and test certificate


Our electric hydraulic lifter is an effective, low cost solution to lifting goods to a convenient working height. Easy to use, the static hydraulic scissor lift is operated using a hand held control pad allowing operators to raise and lower the platform at the touch of a button.

The hydraulic platform sits on a single scissor lift mechanism, capable of lifting loads of up to 1000kg to a maximum height of 1000mm. The lowest height, or closed position is 180mm from the ground providing a wide range of heights for maximum  operator convenience. The hydraulic lift platform is deigned to reduce operator bending and stretching – reducing injury to users and damage to goods. Its large working platform measures 1200 x 800mm, ideal for loading and packing pallets or simply raising goods to a comfortable height within engineering, production and manufacturing facilities.

Safety features and design are a significant feature of the scissor lift table. As standard, a safety trip bar is fitted to the underside edge of the platform, preventing the platform from lowering in the event of obstruction – preventing entrapment and injury. Furthermore, the scissor mechanism is fitted with maintenance safety stops which support the platform in a raised position during servicing.

Fully compliant with EN1570, our electric hydraulic lifter is CE marked, supplied with a European Declaration of Conformity and full operating instructions.

Please note: this hydraulic lift table is made to order and therefore cannot be cancelled once ordered. As these items are made specifically to your request, they are also excluded from our returns policy unless damaged or faulty. Please contact our friendly sales team should you need further help or advice before ordering: 01932 872348.

Please note – our hydraulic lift table is not designed to be used for continuous operations in a production line or similar.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift


Load Capacity


Lift Height


Lift Stroke


Lowest Height


Platform Length


Platform Width




Lifting Time

26 seconds to Full Height


1ph 240v Integral Unit

Price is inclusive of delivery to UK mainland. Delivery to Scotland may be subject to additional charges. Goods shall be delivered to site within 21 working days for in-stock items, but we’re often faster than this. Free standard delivery is kerbside only and will require offload facilities on site. Any special arrangements for offload will incur additional charges.

Delivery is to a business address Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. Restricted delivery areas or residential addresses may incur a surcharge.

Choose from a selection of optional extras to customise your scissor lift table to suit your application.
Hydraulic Platform Lift Bellows

Bellow Safety Skirts

Protects the table from dust, dirt and debris in exposed environments. The lift table can be enclosed in a chain mesh curtain to reduce the risk of injury or entrapment.

Hydraulic Platform Lift Roller Bed

Roller Platform

Roller platform or another conveyor type is often utilised in production systems where different levels need to be reached.

Hydraulic Platform Lift Side Barrier Rails

Side Barrier Rails

Side barrier rails with a mid-rail and a toe kick-plate is a recommended option when the lift table is used as a goods lift between levels.

Hydraulic Platform Lift Bogie Frame

Bogie Frame

Provided with wheels the lift platform becomes a mobile.

Hydraulic Platform Lift Loading Flap

Loading Flap

For bridging the gap between the lift table and loading dock or vehicle. Manually operated. This option is mainly used on lorry loaders.

Hydraulic Platform Lift Circular Turntable

Circular Turntable

The circular turntable is a great accessory to add to your lift table as it makes the handling of an object much easier and ergonomic. With the circular turntable, the operator rarely has to move as it is possible to rotate an object 360 degrees. The circular turntable can also be delivered as recessed into a secondary table top, which is fitted and leveled to the main scissor lift platform.

Hydraulic Platform Lift Hinged Swing Gate

Hinged Swing Gate

It is usually combined with the barrier rails and supplied with mechanical locks.

Hydraulic Platform Lift Mechanical Shotbolts

Mechanical Shot Bolts

Secure a platform that can be lowered below floor level. When the platform is secured to the ground it can take heavy loads and even be run over by other vehicles.

Hydraulic Platform Lift Rectangular Turntable

Rectangular Turntable

Fitted on the lift table top and rectangular surface bolted to the main scissor lift platform. The unit has safety spacing and electro-interlocked to the lift travel to reduce the risk of trapping an operator.

Hydraulic Platform Lift Stack Height Control System

Height Control System

Automatic lifting and lowering of the lift table.

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