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Case Study - Wren Kitchens

Published on: Friday 10th November 2023
“Thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Scissor Tables UK, our warehouse operations have undergone a remarkable transformation. The custom-designed lifting platform have not only streamlined the movement of our goods but have also elevated the safety and efficiency of our workspace. The success of this implementation has us contemplating the possibility of incorporating a similar solution in another location within our warehouse.”

Stewart Stockdale, Project Engineer, Wren Kitchens

The project

Wren Kitchens, the leading manufacturer and retailer of fitted kitchens in the UK, recently revamped its Barton-upon-Humber production facility to enhance efficiency and increase output.

The primary goal was to optimise the internal transportation of goods within the warehouse across different levels. While forklift trucks had been previously employed, the company believed that implementing custom mezzanine goods lifts would provide an even more streamlined and swift system.

Operating on an 8-9 hour schedule, Wren Kitchens tasked us with finding a solution to lift two types of MSU trolleys, each weighing up to 1500kg, featuring large platforms measuring 3164mm x 464mm and 2060mm x 1040mm, from the upper mezzanine level at a height of 8m down to the ground floor.

Remarkably, the entire project, from its conceptualisation to the final installation, was completed within a short timeframe of just 7 months. Stewart Stockdale, the Project Engineer, expressed his satisfaction with the successful execution of the project. “It seemed quite straight forward from a client point of view. The install was exactly what we required, some pre-install work was completed before the lift was delivered. All in all the lift was fitted swiftly and professionally.”

Mezzanine Floor Lift Area   Goods Lift Wren

The results

Scissor Tables UK took charge of the entire process, from design, manufacturing to installation, creating and implementing a tailor-made warehouse lifting platform designed to seamlessly transport goods to the mezzanine floor. This not only provided a practical solution for warehouse staff but also added an ergonomic touch to the entire operation. The goods lifts are equipped with a user-friendly single-touch control system, elevating their efficiency to new heights.

The mezzanine goods lift ingeniously integrates both lower and upper levels, facilitating the smooth movement and storage of finished products and materials. Placed strategically within the required recessed racking area, the lift is surface-mounted and loaded via a ramp, eliminating the need for pits and minimising the impact on the building structure.

As highlighted during the initial consultation, the objective of effortlessly moving “manufactured products to be taken from an 8m mezzanine level to ground level at the touch of a button has been fulfilled”. This not only enhances overall efficiency but also contributes to the safety of employees in the warehouse environment.

Stewart expressed: After reaching out to several companies Scissor Tables UK were the only company able to meet our dimensions”. We asked Stewart if there were plans to include our goods lifts to other sites, to which he advised “there is already talk of fitting another similar lift alongside our latest install.

The client

Wren Kitchens is the leading UK designer, manufacturer, and retailer of fitted kitchens and fitted bedrooms. Wren manufactures all of its kitchen units in its own production plants in Scunthorpe, Howden and Barton-upon-Humber.

Mezzanine Goods Lift Upper Level


  • Mezzanine floor goods only lift with operator access for loading and unloading
  • Located indoors in an area with no public access and to be used by trained operators only. 2 stops – Ground @ 0mm, First @ 8000mm.
  • Closed height 150mm
  • 1500kg capacity
  • 1200mm x 3300mm useable platform.
  • Twin outward opening interlocked gate 1100mm (
  • Handrails 1100mm knee rail and toe plates to remaining sides
  • Enclosure: Full height mesh enclosure extending to 2400mm above the top level
  • Twin outward opening interlocked door 2100mm on Ground floor & opposite on Upper floor.
  • Mast braced from mezzanine and supported from ground floor.
  • Ramp at ground floor and bridging plate at upper floor
  • Latching controls to raise and lower the lift. 415V, 3 phase supply. Lift speed (generally approximately 100mm/s)
  • Duty cycle up to 10 cycles per hour on a single shift basis

Goods Lift Ramp Entry Wren

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