How to choose the right mobile scissor table for you

It is often asked how to select the right scissor platform considering the large range of units available. So we have put together a few pointers to help our customers establish the right lifting platform for their lifting requirements.

Firstly, identify the lifting capacity.

How much do you want to lift? This will be the total weight of your loading.

You then need to consider the lift height the load is being lifted to. If the requirements are as a mobile work bench, you can possibly use a unit from our single scissor range. However, if you are looking to lift the load, for example to a mezzanine floor, then you will need to opt for our triple scissor lift range.

The third step to selecting your unit is to identify the measurement/area of the load. This will give an idea of the platform size requirement. The key factor to be aware is that the load should not overhang the platform and therefore you should opt for a larger platform size than the actual load.

Finally, once you have identified the points above, you will be able to identify the unit you require. You then are able to consider whether you require to customise the table, for example a battery electric lift or bellow skirts to stop objects entering the scissor mechanism. There are a range of optional extras available which are displayed on the individual product pages.

As a guide our ranges are divided by loading capacities outlined below:

Capacity Range
1-150kg Light Duty Range
151-500kg Medium Duty Range
501-1250kg Heavy Duty Range

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