How can a mobile scissor table increase production and help your workforce?

Purchasing the correct handling equipment is increasingly vital to providing a productive, efficient and safe working environment. And as buyers, managers and business owners, the question of ‘can we make do without it’ or ‘can’t we use more people to lift our loads’ may often follow when a piece of handling equipment is presented. Throughout time, methods of manufacturing continue to develop so here at Mobile Scissor Tables (UK), we have decided to outline a few ways in which having the right piece of equipment will help you and your team.

Firstly, including mobile scissor tables to your production process will improve your operations efficiency, allowing single operators to carry out tasks in a safe manner. This reduces the possibility of employees obtaining injuries through struggling or straining whilst carrying out day-to-day tasks and accidents at work resulting in time off work, thus reducing productivity.

A mobile scissor table offers a compact, manoeuvrable design enabling jobs to be accomplished with ease where other handling equipment may struggle or simply not access. A typical example of this is loading machinery with materials, where possibly fork lifts and other handling equipment are unable to access. In addition, our smaller units are used as work benches and compact lifting platforms for convenience and comfort to work from; the easily height-adjustable mechanism can maintain a regular working height when load sizes change.

Furthermore, improving the working environment is critical and with the incorporation of mobile scissor tables, they allow either heavy or awkward (or both) loads to be transported, whilst reducing the risk of injury ensuring your team is functioning at their optimal level. This awareness to improve safety will ensure every operator is mindful that he/she is a valued member of your team.

If you are interested in our mobile scissor tables but are unsure of the right unit for your environment or requirements, please contact a member of the team either by telephone or via email using the contact information below:

Telephone: 01932 872348


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