Economy Scissor Lift Tables & Trolleys

Economy Scissor Lift Tables & Trolleys

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Economy Scissor Lift Table Range

Our economy scissor lift table / trolley is a low cost option to our other mobile scissor lift ranges. The equipment is a standard product that does not offer any optional extras or additional bespoke features. The standard models available are from: 200kg, 300kg, 350kg, 500kg and 800kg. Our 350kg model offers a larger lift height due to its double scissor lifting mechanism.


Economy Scissor Lift Tables Specifications

200kg 255 – 780mm 485 x 700mm 485 x 790mm 40kg BD-SC-200-S-M-JCB
300kg 310 – 860mm 620 x 850mm 620 x 930mm 80kg BD-SC-300-S-M-JCB
500kg 330 – 950mm 610 – 920mm 610 x 1030mm 150kg BD-SC-500-S-M-JCB
800kg 345 – 940mm 610 x 920mm 610 x 1030mm 120kg BD-SC-800-S-M-JCB
350kg 425 – 1620mm 610 x 920mm 610 x 1030mm 150kg BD-SC-350-D-M-JCB

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Ideal Environments

The economy mobile scissor lift tables / trolleys are a viable and affordable lifting solution. If your requirements do not need modifications or alterations to complete the task in hand, then our economy scissor lift table / trolley range offers an affordable solution.
Here at Mobile Scissor Tables (UK), we offer other ranges of scissor lift tables providing various lifting capacities, modifications to completely bespoke solutions. If you wish to discuss potential customisation of a scissor lift table, please contact a member of the team.

Safety Features

  • Total stop brakes prevents the table from moving when loading and unloading
  • Twin braked castors
  • Toe guards

Bonus Features

  • Non marking tyres ensure no damage to floors
  • Lowering speed controlled by an overload valve and slow lowering valve
  • Durable, powder coated frame